Most of our signs come standard with either eye hooks, keyhole slots, or screw holes, or with no mounting features if you will be adding your own or using adhesives. You can select the mounting style that works best for you when ordering. More information about various mounting solutions can be found below.

We can also include mounting studs, straps, sawtooth hangers, picture wire, etc. If you'd like to use a hanging method that isn't listed as an option when ordering, get in touch here to discuss the best mounting option for your intended location.


Eye Hooks

Eye hooks installed in the top edge of your sign will allow hanging the sign from a bracket, post arm, railing, eave or chain. This is an ideal method for mounting a double-sided sign meant to be read from both sides, such as an address sign or business sign. We can install eye hooks with specific spacing if you need to match an existing installation or mounting.

Screw Holes

Screw holes through the face of your sign are an excellent option for address numbers, quarterboards, and large signs that will be mounted flat against an exterior wall, railing, or post. This is the most secure solution for signs in windy or high traffic areas. We will countersink the screw holes and include screws painted to match the sign background to minimize the visibility of the screws on the face of the sign.

Keyhole Slots

Keyhole slots provide an easy to use option that allows your sign to sit flush against a wall or post. This method of mounting will allow the sign to be removed easily at a later date and is secure in most cases. It might not be suitable for windy areas or placements with nearby foot traffic. A sign mounted with keyholes can be made more secure by adding a bit of silicone adhesive to the back of the sign where it contacts the backing surface.

To mount your sign with keyholes, place a piece of paper on the back of the sign and trace the outline of the sign and the locations of the tops of the keyholes. Then, align the paper template against the mounting surface with the desired placement and mark the locations of the tops of the keyholes. Drill and install #6 screws suitable for your surface, leaving the heads extending 1/4" from the surface. After adding a dab of silicone if desired, drop the slots over the screws.


Signs can be mounted securely using adhesive liquids, tapes, or foams. This can be a very secure method of sign mounting suitable for all environments, but works best when the surface for mounting the sign is relatively flat. We can provide suggestions about adhesive mounting for your specific sign and mounting location, just get in touch at the contact link for information.